Part of the t4 group

from the left--> suk han, hui san, yn chiao n pei xin plus the wen jie .

she's the 1st closest friend of mine in utar, b4 i met the f4's .... friendship for ever little bro.....-----> she have a bf n been with him for 6 years dy... geng.

The umbrella's he's holding ... it belongs to me ^^"

Continue from the previous chapter .....the day we went jusco . YA, i recalled back...we didnt went for the movies , instead to green box n shopping. The picture was taken after our green box session, n we started imposing the poster of the movies ..--".

hurm... now i remember .. guys n girls who sees this --DO NOT GO FOR THE TEPANYAKI in Cheras Selatan's jusco. The Fuckest noobshit restaurant i've ever been to.

1st ---> The services was damn bad.. the waiters mostly consists of malays(no offfence)with bad attidudes, show's their faces to us n when they serve the dishes , they actually asked us to pass around to our friends . n we need to pay them for the service tax .. F

2nd --> The food was damn F bad .. tasted like dog food .. even My cooking is better off then theirs ..

3rd --> One of my friends's dishes ...omg ...u got to listen to this -- she found out n showed it to us , there's a her dish... those vegetable worm ...kinda looked like a caterpillar . OMG >...#@$#@%$#%

4th --> Then i ask the manager to come ...n do u know what they did ....they told us that the manager was not around, n they say they have ntg to do with this.. they say they'll cut of the charges of her dishes n yet...when i asked for the bill...they asked us to pay at the counter ..... n not a word " sorry" came out from them.. F

So, one thing we can conclude is ....when we are going to have a dinner in a mall or something , pls n kindly go to fastfood restaurant ....--" ...there exceptional of coz

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