BBQ .at suk han n irene's place

Written by Kyan on Sunday, August 19, 2007 at 9:47 PM

let me recall..... but the spelling i;m not sure of it ....starting from the left .feng xian, continue by Shi xuan, siew yan , shue qing, freida, suk han , yn chiao, soo yan, pei xin , hui san and hui san.

t4 gang ..... n the middle one if the gang's dad.....lolz ...where am i the mid ....making the fool out of hui san ...wakakkakakakak

so as u can c the menu of the day, kindly consist of chicken wing , hot dogs n no more..zzzzzzz

though the menu is simple .... but yet some of us do enjoy it best u can c , billy is trying to show us the way of enjoying the chicken wing ... billy:" oooohhhhhh!'
Well, it all started when jeffery went to UM....n we were thinking of giving him a farewell or something.... ahah but at the end , it ended ourself enjoying it only ...
Preparation was done badly ..... but yet we managed to pull it out ..
We stole some new bricks at the construction site to set up our bbq . Thx to billy-bonzu, a camp master who loves to starts fire, the fire was done in about 15 minutes time . Besides billy, in the kitchen, soo yan, the chef of utar starts to show her culinary cooking skill. But, in the end , it turned out to b the other 2 girls who is cooking while she is cleaningthe dishes ..ahahahhahahaha
By the way , there's is a dish that i'm dying for another bite, the potato-apple salad i persumed. it was done by irene ... n the taste of the salad was fantastic .. ilolz..
Today, Wen jie starts to go berserk..i mean his mouth..omg ....for the 1st time .....he talks n talks alot .... mayb coz someone appeared ..lolz.. he sure is good with the ladies though... his word melts their wonder they call him the silent-killer................ho ho
Nothing much happens back then, most of the time we played games n chatted ...doing some simple magic that wen jie showed us ...zzz n at the end of the day, some of us went back with alvin's car n the rest walking our way home ~

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