May b i'm wrong for saying blogging is boring .... aih...take it back .
Wow, only a few weeks more n my 1st sem is going to end . time sure flies. Kinda wish the sem wont end so fast coz i;m quite enjoying it here in sg long . hahaha. though sometimes still misses my family n friends at my hometown ler.
My life in sg long ? ahahahah.... can describe it in a simple manner though .... class -- dota --- class --dinner --sleep.
simple as dat. What can i do, dat's life for a guy who is single hahaha.. But not all days are like dat ler, i'm quite lucky actually coz met a bunch of good friends here which share a common interest , then sometimes we lepak at jusco for movies n i actually shops for the 1st time in my life.
then outfit on my right, i bought it for liek rm 70 ny, i mean from the head to the toes, excluding the shoes n the underpants la ahaha.....crap. Shitty coz still havent any internet connection in my house.. i'm at cc nwo actually ....a century -- a well known cc at sg long..hurm, dat's my only connection to the outside world.

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