This picture was done after my 1st presentation.. n i did a crap out of it coz cant stop my adrenaline from pumping up to my brain. or may b i'm just chickening out, not only presentation but as well as approaching to a girl, i cant even do a simple thing as uselss can a guy b. but cant help, that girl is something special.--' n i'm very regreting it for not approaching her during the tuesday pasar malam.....what was i'm thinking back then ? ? ?
aih, quit the nonsense n let's come back to business, well ..the picture on the left , i'm quite impressed of it , coz it's the 1st time i'm actually good in picture ...though it;s not the best ..ahahaha ... WEll , the guy beside me , he's Wen Jie ....a cool guy who can match up to my messy hair previously ....oh guys , forgot to mention ...i;'ve cut my hair -- ^^
hurmmm...currently dota-ing ...dat's all i cna speak ..tillthen ~! bye

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Comment by limys
August 19, 2007 at 7:42 AM #

the position of pics izzit on purpose?? or wat? ?looks kinda not in order.. hanging ..

all cool pix .. -_-

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