hehehe..sorry ...let's continue then, i;ve just came back from a battle --dota ....b4 we start, let me intro them 1st, starting from the guy from the left,--> wenjie --like i said, his hair, ahaha...as messy as mine ...but yeng .
2ndly next to him-->billy-bonzu, a good guy, pro in presentation n famous among girls, dun kena tipu by the looks of his, ^^"
3rdly ... the guy in the mid(standing),---> Ah Song-relax. u cant find a guy as "si man" as him, first u thought he's a pou ka who everyday clubbing.... who knows..he's the totally opposite one.
4th --stading next to me ---->alvin.. he's the only guy a have a transport now, his presentation is remarkable .
n finally the guy sitting in the middle --> patrick..haha... the guy who always brings me to makan here makan there .. n i ended pok gai mostly bcoz of him also...wakakakkaa-- no offence ... i rela

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