Dance Showcase ( glimpse at it)

Written by Kyan on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 6:18 PM

Well, im back guys, dont ask me where have i been to, it's a long story......... and due the some circumsatances and mostly cause of laziness, i've stopped blogging for the passed few months ( nearly a year ).

Just a few weeks ago, utar dance club have held a dance showcase ( where every end of the long sem, there's always be one ).

Four of us pretending to be aqua's... rm 0.50 per nite ...NAK ?

Meet my so called jive partner, her name is donkey ....haha, of cause that's not her real name la, just that i've always tease her with it.

Ikyo, well ... he is some big stuffs....choreographer for many taiwanese artist, dancers or even mv's...hurmm jolin's and luo zhi xiang just to name a few... it's hard for anyone of us to believe but truely it is ..u can try to view him at

We utarian's get the honour to trained or even dance under him coz of hong ( went for the SDYTYCD competiton)...due to his absenties, he took over from hong as our temporary dance teacher .

5 of us making serious faces, just as you know, the guy next to me, he's our dance 'TEACHER', ( haha, he banned us for calling him that), if u guys ever watched " So do you think you can dance Season 2" i think u guys could recogenize him~ he's one of the finalist.

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