Our Journey To Penang.

Written by Kyan on Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 9:28 PM

Finally, the biggest event ever made so far since i was at Utar .

Our journey to Penang wasn't any mere dream anymore.
It was Sunday, 6 in the morning, where we took off from Sg Long with Alvin's Waja and Patrick's MyV along with another Unser.

Vroom, Vroom, We definitely sped that day, around 130km/h.

Whose that wonderful driver ? Alvin of cause.

Along the Plus Highway, we saw a very COOL uncle driving a "topless" 70's car .

Very " The Yeng ".

On the other hand, Adeline was like......Snoozing away, dazzling in her wonderland. Ha ha

Along with a mummified Hui San and the Big Sister Pei Xin, the whole journey to Penang was so...

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman , Kampar.

This was our first pit stop

We made a visit to Kampar and took the pleasure to take some photos.

The main entrance.The lake view.The Bright Students

And The Handsome

Kampar is a very very very beautiful place, no doubt of that.

Ipoh city

After picking up a friend from Kampar, we made our self into the city streets of Ipoh for a" light" lunch.

The City The Hungry Customer The Satisfied customer

I just couldn't forget the lunch for that day, cause the taste of the mee " wan tan" was simply just too plain. (awful) =x

The Penang Bridge

Finally, we made it to Penang safely after a speedy ride from the 2 drivers. He he

We drove along the bridge ,admiring the beautiful structure and the scenery of the sea.

The Bridge
The Vistana

We checked into the so called " apartment" around 2 if not mistaken.

(Hotel actually)

It was luxurious, spacious , comfy and can load the 15 of us in it .

Room 857




To be Continue...

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