Chapter One--- FAM Dance Club Showcase 2007

Written by Kyan on Friday, August 24, 2007 at 11:44 AM

Cheer Dance --1st time in FAM

The Song they used ...omg.. Cannon-D...breakdance version....Very DAmn nice ~

Hip-Hop Dancers ---Fuh.... Hot

My Fav Dance ----> MARIO dance ...the guy in the mid ....he is damn yeng man~

FAM Dance Night 8 Finalist ~!

Lion Dance --> also kira dance la-----Not sure JJ is putting wat into it's mouth

Manggoe, flamminggo ----->Tanggo

First performance fo the day --->Breakdance

MCs of the day

Wedensday was the showcase, n everyone was KINDA ...anticipating it ..ahaha
The responds of the showcase was kinda dull.... especially the audience ...omg .. u can feeel the atmosphere is so so so cold ....till u can shiver...zzz.. it took so many effords of the MCs to get the audience to sit in the middle ....zzzz
The 1st performance was the breakdance, honestly's kinda dissapointing ---? heard it was a last minute performance ..zzzz..
by the way's lunch time la ....kinda hungry dy.... so occupy u guys with this pictures 1st la ...later upload more in chapter two..........tataz~

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