J.JUSCO ---->Cheras Selatan.

Written by Kyan on Friday, August 24, 2007 at 11:12 AM

Be warned guys! Cherass Jusco Shopping Complex is not safe. Last Sunday, my friend and I went to Cherass Jusco Shopping Complex for dinner. After dinner, we walked around Jusco for a while and around 9 pm we decided to go home.For us students who dont have cars, we were forced to go by bus and the bus stop outside Jusco is quite a long distance from Jusco. We need walk pass the open-air carpark and pass Jusco small gate and walk quite a distance along the highway to reach the bus stop (There are two side walks along the highway, one brick-made. Next to the brick-made sidewalk is a sandy pathway. Between the two sidewalks are bushes).That night, when my friend and I walked passed the gate, there were 2 malay guys and one of them called ah Moi! as we passed them. When we turned to the brick-made sidewalk, we heard the 2 malays followed us from behind and turned to the sandy pathway behind the bushes. We could hear them walking very fast behind the bush and we begin to be on our guard. We predicted they will rush out from the bush and drag us.As we expected, one of them dashed out and grabbed my friends hand and tried to drag her into the bush. My friend pulled back and tried to kick the guy but fell down. I pulled my friends hand to prevent her from being dragged away. In that dangerous situation, we have nothing on our hands but McDs ice-creams. I threw my ice-cream at that guy and tried to push and kick him. Luckily, an uncle was walking towards us and one of the malays who were guarding saw the uncle and ran way. Seeing his partner ran away, the malay who was dragging my friend let go of her and hit me on my jaw with his fist and fled.It was lucky an uncle was coming, or else, I couldnt imagine how 2 girls can resist 2 grown-up men. The 2 malays fled and run up to an SJ bus which was stopping by. Where these guys live, I dont know but the guy who tried to drag my friend was wearing a coffee colour jacket while another was wearing dark blue T-shirt. Whether their motive is to rob or rape, we do not know but the consequence of being successfully dragged into the bush was unimaginable.So guys!!! Especially UTAR fellas!!! Be careful when u guys go to Cherass Jusco Shopping complex by bus. Its best to go in a large groups and better yet, day time. The society nowadays is really dangerous!!!!!

((((By ------>Freda))))

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