Club with the house ?

Written by Kyan on Friday, August 29, 2008 at 1:50 AM

Clubbing, clubbing and clubbing , well, i know it really suits my image currently , but well, that's just half the truth k,im not as bad as you think i am. Actually, i've been going lesser and lesser, ( lesser as in going to maison, ruums, coco, barcelona =x). Currenlty the hot spot for me was poppy, MAN, i just love that place. Then the other day while i was at Barcelona with my housemates, wen jie was at Zouk's louft, and heard that the place was awesome,it aint like any clubs like ruums or maison ( where you dance, dance, dance, stalking girls..bla bla bla ), Zoulk was more like throwing a huge party with people you dont know. FUN~

Haha, just like XUAN's into branded wardrobe like "MNG", I'm into "ZARA" and " FCUK", and the one im wearing in the picture, was a masterpiece from ZARA. Nice leh? Haha, chill, chill, chill, you dont have to give me those expression of yours that i think you'll give..hahaha . Well, it really cost me alot, ruptured my wallet, and forced me to dinned maggie for the passed few days ..hahaha ( aint that serious of cause ). Just let us make it simple, i wore it to barcelona the other day with my housemates.

Eddy, eddy dear... sweet huh? But dont get fooled by her appearance, she is one tough chick. She's tough (i mean boyish )..Hahaha. Her birthday is just around the corner , which is on the 30th of August, so, just drop by here to wish you a very very happy birthday la , haha..i know you wanna hear this from your sammy dear ..wahahah...oh well, BAD LUCK for you , COZ itS ME ~!haha

Meet my other 3 housemates, Alvin, Ah Beng along with Eddy and Pei Wen. Alvin, i think most of you shoud know, Ah beng and Pei Wen, one is a basketballer ( always asked her to ask me out for a game, but keep on ffk me everytime) and the other one always steal people's food. Hahaha

The four girls in my house , pretty huh ?but dont put and wierd ideas like " chasing" them, they have WEIRD habits. Hahaha oh ya , the second girl from the left , ai nee, roomates to eddy but loves to sleep in the living room, due to the sofa i persume. =p

Da Sin, Da sin, Da sin...i was shocked at first to know him? shocked ? Yeah,cause he is a one helluva badminton player and a really really nice guy. I mean of all the utarians, i think he is one of the sweetest and nicest that i've ever met. And because of this, he was " persued" by his ex room-mate previously which is a GUY..haha,yucks ....i thought im the one who have this type of problem..wahahah

OLAY , OLAY OLAY OLAY ~! OLAY ~! OLAY.... ............ Barcelona 2008.

Well, it turns out that im actually not as unlucky as i think i am, being single, alone what sort of craps that i've thought of, haha....I'm glad to have you guys , really and sincerely from my heart , love you guys always , THE END --- from kyan~

4 Responses to "Club with the house ?"

Comment by love you ~
August 30, 2008 at 12:27 AM #

sayang u yan yan !!!! no gf nvm...we can accompany u eat sleep walk together ...u have us ..B51..sorry for kacauing ur webcam js now...muah

September 1, 2008 at 7:11 PM #

OMG!!!! tis is freaking sweet... OMG! B51 rockz weih... =) we are one!

September 5, 2008 at 11:12 AM #

wah~~there gt many leng lui le..hehe...u so ''xing fu''lo...haha!!!!(^*^)

Comment by aLiceYew
September 7, 2008 at 7:50 PM #

man,u where drunk that night!!wahaha..

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