Screw me, Screw You . Poppy Rocks!

Written by Kyan on Friday, August 29, 2008 at 2:24 PM

Sorry guys, i dont have much picture of the night i went to poppy, but i can assure you that the place is one helluva place~! Just put it simple, you'll fell in love with that place. There's 3 part to that place, just like Zouk, one is Poppy Passion, where so called " grown-ups" mostly hang-out there, the other one is Poppy Garden( picture below), installed with swimming pools and if you're lucky, you'll get to catch some bikini babes swimming there, and the last one ....hurm...forgot Poppy what , but its just like a normaly club and mostly youngsters will be hanging out there stalking girls. (im not , mostly girls stalking me ......wahahahahahha....muka tebal ...haha...kidding la guys)

Poppy Garden, one of the best club's i've been to, but rest assured, i cant guarantee you its the best in the city, cause hevent been to Euphoria( MOS) and Zoulk before. And if u're classy enough, try go to Mt Kiara, there's more over there, but the place mostly hanged out by those rich people ( and im not rich ..sigh)

Same old guy, same old style, same old people , we've been to clubs in many places , just that he's been to Zouk and i've NOT ~!@#

Winnie(left) and celest(right) , this was the 1st day we get to know closer , thanks to dear Patrick. Celest, Norman's sweet princess, was the birthday girl for that night. haha

I'm not drunk k, REALLY ~!i'm just too tired. That's why took a nap at the sofa there. Haha. I SWEAR~! ........That night was really one special night for me, it was my first time to Poppy, my first time to get closer to patricks friends and my first time to put this kinda weird feeling into this special girl that've met in Poppy that day. Hurmm... end of story la. haha. actually i've been to few places for the passed few months like Ulu Langat ( a place where YOON SEET and those sweet little couples must go `! Cause it's a hill where you can see the lights of the city of KL. ROMANTIC ......and there's a restaurant there ..~! SWeet~~~..if there's time i'll post it here la.
Hasta Luego, Adios~!

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