ShotGun Shogun.

Written by Kyan on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 at 10:15 PM

Everyone (the pig and i) was desperate for sushi.

I dont know why...... just got that itchy feeling, or simply, just go and ask my "tummy"

Eh, hui qin also wanted to eat ok ?

So, we sped to 1u, driving aproximately 70km/h. Ha ha

Luckily, nothing was in our way, no jams, no accidents, no "floods", we made a safe journey .

Patrick was all eyes on the "fair lady", while grabbing the parking ticket from the ticket machine.

"Show me the gun, we're loaded with $$ but not our tummy."

Sushi! We saw lots of sushi~

There's alot of other foods too, Tepanyaki, grilled beef, fried sotong rings just to name a few.

But sadly, we arrived there at 8.30pm and the store is gonna close at 10.30pm, just left 2 hours for us to dig in. Arghh.......

Ha ha, time is gold ? or time is diamond ? One thing for sure, time is precious. Without wasting even a split second, Patrick grabbed the plate and got whole chunk of sushi~!

This was my first dish of the night .

Fuh, would you looked at that, shark's fin soup.

You dont have to "wahhh......", cause seriously, there's nothing to wahhh about, cause there's just few slices of it only .

Prawn king = prom king?
The prawns that nearly made me puked. It just tasted like left overs.

Main course for the day, "Pig" dishes. Too bad this pig is not for eating, but for whacking. Ha ha

At the edge of bankcruptcy, RM 200.10 for 3 person, we were so so so so so so UN-satisfy, cause the food is not as good as it seems. Maybe we came in a wrong time......closing hour.

No money shopping lu (sobz).
Ha ha, looked at our tummy, it looked like we're 3 months pregnant.
Especially this middle one, her waist just got bigger by an inch. Ha Ha.

Well, that's a day for me, and FINAL is just around the corner,yet i still have the pleasure to come places like shogun to dine...... such a daredevil.
Anyway, Thank you patrick, for bringing us there, hope there's NO more another time. Ha Ha
Jom, kita pergi "The Ship" lain kali. Ngek ngek......
The End.

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September 5, 2008 at 11:16 AM #

the food all so delicious vry expensive le...hehe...!!(^$^)

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