Big Girls Dont Cry!

Written by Kyan on Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 1:23 PM

It was Adeline's birthday today, urm, i mean yesterday. Oh ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALAYSIA, and happy holidays to those who are out there~! Malaysians~! we rocks.
Alvin and i bought a moon cake for her as a little birthday cake, while Da Sin and Ai nee bought a piece of green tea ice cream cake. Well, the plan actually goes like this, while she's bathing, we try to cheat her out by saying the lights are out, and POOP, surprise~ But instead, due to her "Popularity", she made tons of phone calls in the bathroom and we ended waited for her for about 15 minutes before giving her the surprise.

The best part for that night was after she finishes her cake - We threw her into the swimming pool. Ha ha. It was energy consuming because ended in a marathon rally after she realises everything was a set up for her . Ha ha

Eddy: " Stay tuned to the next episode of "My Birthday".

The next morning, everyone was in a havoc , preparing themselves to Green Box. In the middle of preparation, Da Sin was busted and being forced to wear Pei Wen's bra for a photo shoot~ Ha ha. Oh ya, we gave Adeline her biggest surprise in her life, "SAMSUNG"( Adeline's dear~) couriered himself to Sg Long.

>>Meetings with " Samsung"<<

This is the 3rd time and the 4th for alvin to greenbox for this "WEEK". ( Kboxphobia at the moment)

Wo shi Da Mi~!
You can tell by the looks of Alvin that he already got the kboxphobia. Ha Ha .

The cake that was lovely decorated by Ai Nee. Ha Ha , marvelous job isn't it ?

The two love birds that was just forged recently. She's finally owned, ha ha. He's the right guy Eddy, personality, character and many aspects wise, he's the right one for you , "bagai pinang dibelah dua" . Wish You two stay together always.

Specially to "Samsung", if you ever tried to bully her, we as her housemates will sell you to Nokia. Haha

30th August 2008, " Eddy's 20th birthday with Sam"

K box was fun for that day , especially Eddy, she enjoyed with her hubby the most. Ha Ha. Hey, is this the best birthday you ever had so far ? Well, we'll make it a NOT for next year ok ? Ha ha.

Bang ! Bang! Bang ! feeeeoowwwhhh. GreenBox is not as tough as it seems~

It was around 9pm that time and Ulu langat was our next victim, but bad luck for us , today was the eve of merdeka and it will be jaming all the way to Ulu Langat, so we decided to go kajang instead - to Beach Cafe ( Odd place, but there's a lot of pretty la la's over there ) ha ha
" Hey u want watch babylin ma ? Pavillion 1.45. Since today countdown merdeka. Ask alvin want or not lo. After watch he can terus go home. ", this was what i received that night from wen jie during my time at Beach .
Zzz..How can any human mortal reject such offer from the devil himself?
Not surprisingly, Alvin and i took that offer.

Sad case to that offer was ,during the movie in the cinema, there's a pig sitting beside me .
The End.

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